One Child’s Journey: Marc

One Child's Journey: Marc

Before [LSF] I was lost. I was tired. I wasn’t able to sleep, eat or smile when I got home. I wanted to disappear. I felt like I just didn’t belong. I thought everything would be better if I was GONE. Now here at [LSF Youth Shelter] I feel more free, more open. I’m happier. I’m smiling more. It is giving me an opportunity to fix myself. This is a place where you can let go of all your stress, and is full of support. All the staff will have your back 100%. Those words before that you couldn’t say to anybody would suddenly come out because you know that the people in this shelter are people you can trust. This shelter hasn’t just helped me to become a stronger person, but it has also become a HOME for me.
– Marc, 18-year-old shelter resident

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